About the cluster

The roles of Moravian Forestry Cluster are as follows:

  • to support and actively participates in communication between business, public, local government and non-profit organizations dealing with collective goals and interests,
  • to create conditions for maximal use of production synergies and development potential in the field of forestry and wood industry in territory of interest,
  • to give support to innovative processes and development activities of cluster members and contribute to the development and implementation of social programs in Moravian regions

The mentioned functions will be fulfilled especially with:

  • Keeping and updating of cluster members´ database.
  • Providing services for members in the areas of interest in the several forms (consulting and analysis for using of public funds, provision of all forms of co-operation, educational events and advisory meetings).
  • Development and management of financial resources for cluster activities.
  • Support of cooperation between cluster members.
  • PR related to cluster activities and promotion of cluster members.